Music, Music,Music

It’s been a busy start to 2019. Port Fairy and Inverloch Jazz Festivals – some great music played with wonderful bands.

Jazz Notes is continuing to get some great gigs. We are working regulary with our Jazz Gigs and we have secured many private duo gigs. We’ve started recording some tunes with Rick and we are always on the look out for some new locations. Let us me know if you know someone who would like a House Party, a venue that is looking for Jazz or you are planning a private party and want the right music for your event.

We’ve got some special events lined up for later in 2019. Major events and lots of smaller events.

Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes – May

Rick Correnza with Jazz Notes – July

Ballarat Jazz Club – August

Jazz Notes Duo at Realm – September

Pippa Wilson and Jazz Notes Showband – SCJC – October

Pippa Wilson and Jazz Notes – November

Australian Jazz Convention – December

A Special Birthday Party for Jenni – December

We love celebrating!

Jazz Notes were invited and played the afternoon away at Jenni’s birthday, covering a range of jazz, bossa and pop.

We took a longer break during the speeches to partake in the sumptuous lunch. Thank you, Jenni!

Everybody enjoyed the music. You guys made the whole day so special for me. Thank you again. – Jenni Brohier

Ann Craig (flute)
Ashley Thomas (saxophone)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Tony Luxmoore (keyboard)

Soiree – some sad news but then……

We were really disappointed that the venue we had run the soiree at for the last almost 4 years decided to pull the plug.  We had such a great connection with the two previous owners and they supported the soiree because the actually understood what we were doing was worthwhile and it gave so much joy to many people who attended.  Unfortunately with new owners, some people just don’t get the value of live music.  So we had to hunt for a new venue to cover our November and December events.

We couldn’t find anything for November, but after some negotiations the wonderful management at the Ringwood RSL offered us a home for December.  We ran the event differently – it was a Sunday afternoon and the audience reached over 80 during the afternoon.  Thanks everyone for supporting the Melbourne Music Performers, the RSL and our events.

We hope to announce something for 2019 very soon.

Thanks Marion for taking all the photos.

Gala Dinner at the Docklands – November

I just love the special corporate events that we get to play for.

More details and photos are available on the JazzNotes website.

The Gala Dinner for Australia’s MedTech Entrepreneurship Competition at Peninsula, Docklands. A black-tie event for awarding prizes for the most brilliant ideas in medical technology.

‘You are an incredibly professional and talented bunch and were just perfect for the event’ – Cat

‘As a muso myself, I must cheer on the brilliant Jazz Notes providing fab entertainment this evening!!’ – Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea

Rick Correnza (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Matt Birtchnell (bass)

Thanks to the Sherman Tan Studio for the photos of the band.

Back at Dizzy’s with Rick – September

Rick is such a fine performer.  He draws the audience in with his cool manner and his voice is like velvet.

Great atmosphere and we had a nice audience.  We found that it was to be the last gig for us at Dizzy’s as they were closing the next day.

Apparently a new venue is being prepared and we hope to have some good news in 2019.

We are so lucky to have Marion Blaze taking photos for us.  Thanks Marion!

Frankston Arts Centre with Pippa Wilson – September

We had a fantastic opportunity to arrange a “SUPER” show for Pippa.

Songs from the Cinemas.  We selected some of Pippa’s favorite songs and based this show around these songs.

It was an absolute privilege to play with the Jazz Notes Show Band.

Some excellent feedback from audience and the Frankston Arts Centre.  We are sure we will do more of these events, looking for the right location now.

Lots of pictures and more info on the jazznotes website.

Pippa Wilson (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Dave Newdick (trumpet)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Craig Schneider (piano)
Leon Heale (bass)
Dean Cooper (drums)

Jazz Notes with Rick Correnza – Dizzy’s May 2018

We were all very excited to have the chance to perform at the “New” Dizzy’s.

New owners, and the room is set up beautifully – tasteful decor and well organized.

It was a great night – fantastic music and well attended.  Lovely audience and some fantastic feedback – we are hoping to be back in July-August.

Rick Correnza (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Frank Morgan (bass)
Mark Voogd (drums)



Prosciutto Bros – Jan – April 2018

After a successful debut in 2017 we were invited back for some summer Sunday jazz.

With Wade Morgan on Vocals, Kevin, Frank and me completed the lineup.  Ashley on sax joined the band for the April gig.

There might be more events in 2018 – maybe Jazz on an evening.  The perfect compliment to craft beer and pizza – we wait and see.

Thanks to all our friends who came to support the gigs – as always, you are very much appreciated.


Thanks to Marion Blazé for taking the photos.