This is far too much Fun!

OK I admit it – I really enjoy playing my flute!

The last few weeks have been great, the Manningham Seniors Event was really special.  Playing to nearly 400 people with Kevin and David, really great music and a wonderful experience.

The unexpected Kelly’s GIG with Jan Blake stepping in last minute to be our vocalist (she’s so wonderful) and Andrew and Kevin too…

The Jazz Jam at the Leinster Arms – Sunday Nights are such a blast, meeting jazz musicians who just like to play.  Gotta love it.

A private function (Surprise 60th birthday celebration), in Lysterfield, on Sunday kept Kevin, Andrew and Me, just a little busier than first planned, I couldn’t get to the Treble Clef to join Jan, Frank and Neil (Body & Soul) – next time.

And coming up this Friday (1/11/13) Kojo Brown – Melbourne Music Performers Soiree – that’s always a great night. (8pm – late)

Keep Sunday 10th November Free (2 – 5pm)- Jazz Notes at the Treble Clef (Kevin and Me) a duo this time, we’ll be playing some of our favorites and adding a twist to some newer modern tunes.

See you around…..

Soirée Musique @ Kojo Brown – Friday 4th October

After some initial concerns; when we had lost our

previous venue, and the� organizer stepping down, we� put our hands up, heads IMG_2318together and came up a short list of possible venues, made contact and� were very pleased to announce to the meet-up group that we had a new home for October plus new organizers (Kevin and Me)

Tony from Kojo Brown (Richmond)� was only too happy to host the event this month.� We were all pleased it was a success.

We introduced new singers to the group and the open mic section unearthed some amazing new talent.

Of course the house band was in good form. (Tony, Paul, Stan, Kevin, Alan & Me)

Tony was happy with the format of the night and we will be running the Soir�e again next month at Kojo Brown – see everyone on the 1st Friday in November.

You can check the Melbourne Music Performers Website

Why not sign up and find out what’s on!






Body & Soul – Sunday 29th @ The Treble Clef

Sunday was a great fun.  Hadn’t played at the Treble Clef for a few months, it was really great to be playing with Neil Taylor & Frank Morgan again.  Jan was at her best – she always gives everything she’s got to the audience.  I really enjoyed the afternoon with Body and Soul.  We’ll be back again on 27th October so see you all then.