Melbourne Music Performers @ Francesca’s – 30th May


Another great music filled evening.  Great performances from all the Open Mic acts, Invited Guests and the House Band.   Particularly Daniel and Spike who filled in for the regular members of the house band – we know you worked very hard.

Thanks to everyone at Francesca’s for making us all feel so welcome.  Especially Ben.  Very happy that the crowd is so enthusiastic and the event continues to be very successful for everyone.

We’ll be back on 27th June – So keep an eye out for the next Soiree Musique and hope to see you there.

Standing Tall @ Dizzy’s – Thursday 29th May, 2014

An exciting day for me!standing tall

My second gig at Dizzy’s – fun stuff!.

Although our Sax player was ill on the night it was still a fantastic night, great music and a small but very lively, appreciative crowd.

Surprised by my Daughter who came all the way from her special GIG to see me.  Thanks Ash – you made my night.

Thanks to Stan for inviting me to join Standing Tall.  We’ll be back at Dizzy’s in July – 8th (Tuesday Night)

Jazz Notes @ Treble Clef – Sunday 25th May, 2014

I really look forward to playing at the Treble Clef.  Friendly hosts and plenty of room for a good audience.  We had a nice crowd and some family and friends come and support us. We received some lovely comments about our music and it was very nice to have Risa join us for a few tunes towards the end of the afternoon.

We’ll be back at the Treble Clef on 20th July, so pop that date in the diary and come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon with us.



Jazz Notes @ Wyreena – 23rd May, 2014

Celebrating Ruskin Park’s 50th Birthday.

It was a lovely evening, lots of great music,.  I have been connected to Ruskin Park for many years and it was very nice catching up with staff and families but, it was especially nice to be invited to be the entertainment for the evening.  I’m very lucky to have such great musical friends to play with.

Stading Tall @ Open Studio 18th May

I had a quick trip from the Treble Clef in Chirnside Park to Open Studio in Northcote, had a couple of great sets with Standing Tall.  These guys play some real funky stuff and I was so happy to see some friendly faces when I arrived.  A lovely evening at this cute venue.

You’d think by now I’d know my way home?

Thanks for making me feel so tall…

Next Gig with Standing Tall is Dizzy’s on the 29th May.

Body & Soul @ Treble Clef 18th May

What a great afternoon 🙂

It had been a while since I had the chance to play with Neil, Frank and the lovely Jan.� I had a great time.� A very nice crowd enjoyed the music of Body and Soul and I was so happy to play a couple of new special tunes with Neil and Frank.� Can’t mesterolone cycle big bad bodybuilding back with wait to do it all again soon.


Thanks to everyone who came to see us – Friends, family and great supporters.� xxx