Melbourne Music Perfomers @ Francesca’s 29 August, 14

A great night at Francesca’s with the Melbourne Music Performers Meet-up Group.

Lucky to have Jan and Sevil singing as featured artists this month, Charlie in fine voice and loads of new open mic talent.  A really busy but thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Next event is 26th September (Grand Final Eve)  Should be a fantastic night.

A big thank you to everyone in the House Band; Kevin, Tony, Stan, Paul, for always working very hard to make the music sound great.  Thanks to the Management at Francesca’s for supporting Melbourne Music Performers.

Light the Night Fundraiser with Jazz Notes @ Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, Friday 22nd August

????????Friday 22nd August – Jazz Notes were invited to play for this event organized by Alexa Blaz�.� The Treble Clef Jazz Lounge supported the event.� It was also the official Debut for Sevil Sabah with the band.

The evening was well attended, lots of happy people enjoying the night and supporting� the band.� There were some opportunities for others to sing with the band also.� It was very nice to hear Alexa and Luke, Jan and Pippa.

Many donations were received� and Alexa recently announced that the total raised on the evening was just over $1000.00.

A fabulous effort and there is more to come.

The main event is on September 18.� For more information;� or phone 1800500088.

Alexa has a team organized to support the Light the Night Walk supporting the Lukaemia foundation.� The walk is being held on September 18. � There is still time to register for the walk – Alexa’s team is called “For the Best”.

I’d especially like to thank my friends who donated so generously to the evening.� It was also great to have the support of the Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, they offered the venue at no charge for the evening.� Thank you!


Standing Tall @ Dizzy’s – 19th August, 2014

It was a good night at Dizzy’s – Nice, appreciative crowd. 

I’m always very grateful for friends and family turning up to support the bands and venues I play at.  Special thanks to my lovely kids, Ashley and Justin for popping in.  They’d been at their own performance at Fed Square.

Standing Tall will be on at Dizzy’s again 23rd September – looking forward to a great night.

Sooki Lounge – Private Party

Sunday 10th August, 2014

Always wanted to go to Sooki Lounge, so when we were invited to play at Andrew’s friend Rudy’s birthday party – I was very happy to accept the invitation.

A fun, trendy venue.  Jazz Notes Trio – Kevin, Andrew and me played a few of our favorite tunes along with lots of other invited performers.  Happy Birthday Rudy!


Jazz Notes @ Burrinja with Pippa Wilson – Friday 1st August.

pippa at burrinja

A great night if you liked extreme weather, excellent music and watching us have a whole lot of fun!

Those who came to the event all agreed, great atmosphere, excellent entertainment and Pippa was wonderful.

I had almost too much fun – how can this be work!.

Some very special moments with Pippa – our audience loved the interaction.

We decided to do it all again – this time on the 25th October (a Saturday Night) so make sure you don’t miss the next special night at Burrinja with Pippa and Jazz Notes.

All details in “Whats on”