Jazz Notes Duo – Ann & Kevin @ The Treble Clef (November/December)

I really enjoy playing with Kevin, his guitar work is beautiful and we work together really well (so everyone tells me)

Damon, Bernie & Chris are always so supportive of live music, great hosts and we really enjoy the afternoons at the Treble Clef.

Apart from the great music, I tried really hard to motivate Kevin to practice the flute just a little more.  I would normally tell my students that they needs to find a regular practice time, usually the morning, before school works well, and have a positive approach to practice.  I’m not actually sure if he was paying any attention – I can only hope he continues to find some time to flute.

So many happy moments from our times at the Treble Clef, and it was only in the last few weeks of December we found that the Venue would be closing, redeveloping of the site.  Damon has plans to re-open in 2016 in a new larger location and we look forward to this.

So a really, really big thank you to Damon, Bernie & Chris for their support of Jazz Notes Duo and every other group I have played with at the Treble Clef; Jan Blake’s Body & Soul, Easy Street, Jazz Notes.

Thank you to all my friends and family who come to listen and support the various groups I play with – be assured I am searching for another venue, the music has to go on – I need the enjoyment that this creativity gives me.  So keep an eye out for what’s next.

A really big thank you to Marion for taking all these photos – I understand it’s awfully difficult when I just refuse to stay still!

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