Jazz Notes with Sevil & the Roger Clarke Quartet @ Dizzy’s

Feb 24, 2015.

We were really happy to be invited back to Dizzy’s and it was great to have Sevil sing with Jazz Notes on this Tuesday night.� Jazz Notes: Kevin, Daniel, Allan, Ann.

We arrived to see some of the performances from

the students from The Richmond Academy – they were very interesting.

Then Jazz Notes played a really lovely set, followed by the Roger Clarke Quartet (unfortunately Roger wasn’t there in person, but he was in spirit), The quartet was a trio and played beautifully (Rory Clarke Trio).

Jazz Notes continued with a short set then the Rory Clarke Trio wound up the evening.

It was a great night and such a thrill to play at Dizzy’s again.

A pleasant Sunday in February…

Feb 22nd.

I really enjoy the flexibility of playing in different groups and as a soloist performer.

On this Sunday I had a solo performance at Cassia House (Manningham) where I played for the residents, family and their friends.  A selection of my favorite Classical, Pop, Modern and Blues tunes.  Lots of fun.

Then – I raced off to Northcote for an afternoon session with Standing Tall.  Great music, fun people to be with.

What a great day!

Melbourne Music Performers @ Francesca’s. Friday 20th Feb, 2015

A pretty terrific night – good number of MMP members in attendance, great work by the house band and a number of new members welcomed during the month.

Great to have some new open mic performers and some pretty impressive guest artists.

Thanks to everyone who works so hard to support our events.  The Management and Staff at Francesca’s who have continued to support this meet-up event for the past 16 months – we’re hoping this continues.

The Grampians Jazz Festival – 2015 (13 – 15 Feb)

After a really busy build up, lots of rehearsals the weekend had finally arrived.

My first of 18 sets was with my friends from Hanshaw Sandwich.

I love Halls Gap – the temperature is HOT, HOT, HOT.� There had been a slight storm just as I arrived which turned the huge marquee that we were playing in, into a sauna – it was quite warm, but a fun set to start the festival for me.

On Friday I played with� Hanshaw Sandwich, Body & Soul, Easy Street, Amberjack, but the highlight for me was playing as a Duo (The Ann Craig Duo) with Kevin on guitar – I really couldn’t believe the reaction from so many people – he’s such a great guitarist and we work really well together – such a pleasure!

On Saturday – it was pretty crazy;� I played with, The Bluetone Jazz Band, Jazz Notes with Pippa Wilson, LADIES BE GOOD , The Ann Craig Duo, Hanshaw Sandwich, Amberjack, Easy Street, Standing Tall and Body and Soul.� Highlight for me was getting the chance to have my beautiful daughter Ashley,� join me and play with LADIES BE GOOD – I’d talked to my friend Jan about doing something just a little different (an all girl band – so with the help of Jan we got some really terrific players together, Suzanne, Jess, Chelsea, Ashley, Jan and Me – we were all the easiest shaping lessons for athletes Ladies (and pretty good too!) – we had two sets in the Pinnacle, playing to a full house each time and later another wonderfully moody set with Kevin in The Ann Craig Duo.� Wow! it was a great day.

Sunday was just a little quieter, but absolutely fantastic…� Got to play with The Bluetone Jazz Band, Jazz Notes with Pippa Wilson, and Standing Tall.� And at the end of the festival Pippa invited both Kevin and me to� come and play with her band in the Indian Restaurant (Punjab) later that evening.� So that was another highlight for me – We got to play with Ron Anderson, Nicole Thorne, Alan Richards and Pippa – a really great way to end a wonderful weekend of Jazz.

Although I was really busy playing most of the weekend I had the chance to listen to some amazing performances, met some fantastic people, received some awesome feedback, shared time with my daughter and her friends and enjoyed the company of my musical friends, what a great weekend!.

The 2016 Grampians Jazz Festival is looking like it might be a whole lot of fun – looking forward to registering again.


Jazz Notes (AMBERJACK) @ Dizzy’s featuring Juliane Pasternak – Thursday 12th February

It had been a busy week for me and I was really looking forward to Dizzy’s this night.

Juliane, just coming back from the birth of her beautiful baby Girl, agreeing to join Jazz Notes (or AMBERJACK – the band name we’d be playing under, for the upcoming Grampians Jazz Festival at Halls Gap.

We always enjoyed playing with Juliane, and even though she’d decided to move in a different direction, it really made me happy to welcome her back to play with us for the Grampians Jazz Festival.

So Dizzy’s it was – the perfect place to preview some of the repertoire that we’d be playing at Halls Gap.

The night was great, nice audience and it was very nice to have everyone back together for this special event.

Wish us luck as we head to The Grampians with AMBERJACK…  Not exactly Jazz Notes but almost…..

Standing Tall @ Dizzy’s – February 10th, 2015

It’s great to have the opportunity to play at Dizzy’s.

We had a Tuesday night this month to preview our set’s for Halls Gap.  Music was terrific, audience down slightly, but those who came got a great night of entertainment.

Special thanks to my friends who continually support me and the many bands I play in.

Looking forward to playing with Standing Tall at Halls Gap – we’ve got two really great sets lined up in the Punjab (Indian Restaurant).

Body & Soul @ Jazz on Main – 6th February 2015

It was almost time for the Halls Gap Jazz Festival, so Jan arranged for her band to play at Jazz on Main.

What a great night, a large audience present to hear us play some new tunes that we’d been working on for Halls Gap.

It’s always so nice playing with Neil, Frank, Trevor and Alan, and I just love sharing the stage with Jan – we really do have a lot of fun.

Really excited about Halls Gap and playing with Body and Soul – we’ll be playing in a couple of great locations and I’m thinking the music will be pretty hot – and not just because it’s always pretty warm at the Grampians.

I’m sure Body and Soul will be back at Jazz on Main later in the year.