Jazz Notes – Open Studio – July

Very happy to be invited back to Open Studio.

Thanks to all the Meetup people who came along.

Saturday 25th July 5 – 7 pm.


Standing Tall – July

A busy month for Standing Tall.

Open Studio (our regular gig) and the very exciting launch of our

new CD.


Why call a jazz album �NUTS�?

The first reason is that the cover graffiti appeared in the lane just behind our rehearsal studio (Stan�s garage) one night. Why not use it? Moreover, as a noun, �nuts� refers to a nutritious and enjoyable food. While there is no literal sense in which the music on this album is nutritious, it is certainly enjoyable. A lot of music thesnutse days is expected to be either commercial or artistic. Our view is that the most important thing is for the music to be entertaining. We have mixed some original compositions with our arrangements of modern jazz classics for you to enjoy. As well, our selection of songs reflects the kind trenbolone acetate profile hemp seeds the ideal or of variety of flavours and textures that one finds in a bowl of mixed nuts.
As an adjective, �nuts� is a slang term used to describe people who have gone a bit crazy. And you have to be a bit crazy to assemble a nine-piece band in today�s music scene. There is no money in it and few willing venues. And, while some of the members of the band are musical professionals, the rest are amateurs who could spend their free time much more usefully. So, yes, we are a bit nuts.
Listen to some samples on facebook: www.facebook.com/SvH.StandingTall
or at: www.reverbnation.com/svhstandingtall
or purchase the album online at https://standingtall.bandcamp.com/releases

We were invited back to Dizzy’s to launch the CD.� It was a great night, we played our favorite tunes and many from the new CD.� Thanks to Alan West for joining the band.

I was very happy to be involved in the making of this CD, also really liked that we recorded some original tracks – Stan Van Hooft, Tim Beresford & Alan West – all contributed to this.

Radio – Eastern FM – July 2015

Peter O’Brien of 3ECB (Eastern FM) kindly invited Ann and Kevin to his afternoon radio program.

We played 5 songs (apparently the first time for live music in their studio) and talked about what we’ve been up to and what’s coming up.

I had introduced Kevin to Peter when we played together at RYE and Altona.

It was a fun interview.  Thanks Peter for the opportunity to advertise our events and play LIVE on the radio program.

We hope to be back again later in the year.


… and the Dancing continues…

It was very  nice to continue joining The Swingmasters and play at the Altona Sports Club.

It felt as if Kevin and Wade had done this many times before.  John & Wendy (my parents) trusted us to play for them while they were on a short break and we didn’t let them down.

July 11th – Altona Sports Club.  It was a very nice night of dancing and LIVE music.

Thursday 30th July – Rye RSL

We filled in for John & Wendy again.  Ann, Kevin, Wade, Graeme and Angus – great support from the Rye crowd.

Thanks to everyone who came to all the Dance events – we’re hoping to do more of these in the future.

Special thanks to John & Wendy for giving us the opportunity to play for the dances.

Jazz Notes @ Dizzy’s

It was a really nice evening – Thursday 9th July.

Jazz Notes were back at Dizzy’s for a great night of great LIVE music.

We had such a great response from the audience as we had Wade Morgan joining Jazz Notes – Ann, Kevin, Daniel and Rob & also Joshua for this evening.

The band was great.

Thanks Roger and the gang at Dizzy’s for inviting Jazz Notes to Dizzy’s again.  Special thanks to family and friends who always support our LIVE music.

Hope well be back again.  Photo’s Marion Blazé