Jazz Notes @ the AJM (Australian Jazz Museum)

I have been involved with the AJM for a few years now, first when Ashley completed the U25 Jazz Improv workshop and then when I did the over 25’s workshop.� I met some really lovely people at the AJM (it was prevbiously known then as the Jazz Archive).� Met, Marina Pollard, John Thrum, Terry Norman and others – have become great friends and enjoyed some fun gigs playing with the BlueTone Jazz Band and the Hanshaw Sandwich Jazz Band – also have had much support from John Thrum.� He works very hard at the AJM and alwaysAJM2 AHM1 AJM3 AJM4 supports Jazz Notes and my performances with other Bands – Thanks John!

Jazz Notes at the Australian Jazz Museum

In June, Ann and Kevin ran some workshops in the use of technology for gigging musicians. These were conducted

at the Australian Jazz Museum.

Subsequently, Ann and Kevin were asked to play for one of their open days.

But it grew: on Wednesday, 26 August 2015, the FULL�band played at the Museum.

Wade Morgan (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaz� (guitar)
Frank Morgan (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

Thanks to Ashley Thomas for photos

Soirée – hits the right notes!

MMPlogo FBcoverpicOur regular monthly event Soirée Musique (in Northcote) is becoming very popular.

We have some regular groups coming each month.  It’s the place to go once a month to hear new performers & get some great music – It’s not just your regular open mic event.  Last few events we had over 70 people attending.

The Ember Lounge is enjoying the activity in the bar and Kevin and I are so pleased to be giving this opportunity to so many people.  Its very nice being able to give people a chance to perform with our live band.

This is such a great, fun evening – great music, friendship, happy atmosphere and a great way for others to be involved.

Why not join the Melbourne Music Performers (meetup) group and see for yourself how much fun we have.

soiree list soiree3 soiree2 soiree soiree band soiree crowd 2 soiree crowdhttp://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Music-Performers/

Recent events – 26 June, 24th July, 21st August.

Our next event is 25th September.


It’s not just “an Open Mic”.  there are plenty of them you can go to.  Our event is one where we help the performers, pick the keys for their tunes, help them with their intros – help them if they stray slightly away from the tune – its all about the performance opportunity.  Our House Band (Ann, Kevin, Stan, Paul, Tony & Alan) are great musicians, we play almost anything and usually without prior knowledge of what’s going to happen.

I am so lucky to be involved with all these wonderful musicians.  We sometimes have others step in for members of the House Band (Frank or Daniel, Mac and this month Simon will play drums).  We’ve met some great singers – Rachel, Shannon, Debbie, Suzanna and introduced some of our Jazzy friends; Lynn & Dave, Jan, Annie, Sevil, Juliane, Luella – they’ve all joined the group and enjoyed the fun at the events.

Met some great musicians too. 

Nice to be involved with such a supportive group.

Three into One – actually works!

16th August.

I have a regular gig with Standing

Tall once a month at Open Studio – that’s usually no problem, and I really enjoy playing with these guys.� I was also booked to play with my friends the BlueTone Jazz Band the same day and then there is the Ringwood RSL.

What should I do.� No need to ask – All Three.

Spent the morning with the BlueTones, then off to the Ringwood RSL for the afternoon with Jazz Notes, then scooted off to Northcote for the last set with Standing Tall.� Thanks to everyone for accommodating me!

By the end of the day I was fluted out – but I really enjoyed the excitement of the day.

I am very lucky to have such great music connections.

If I ever forget – remind me to thank my parents AGAIN! for introducing me to my Flute and giving me the musical genes that I have.� 🙂

Thanks xx!

Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes – A night to remember!

Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes � sold out!


Pippa Wilson joined Jazz Notes again for a wonderful night of music and fun at the Dandenong Club.

We had searched early in the year for a new venue and were�very excited when we found the Dandenong Club. The management was�great to work with this helped make the night one to remember.

Pippa was in fine form, the band was ready for some fun and the room was full;�and the feedback from the audience was great.

We really love what we do on�these nights: playing with some of the nicest people to a receptive and enthusiastic audience.

We�re hoping to do another with Pippa, later in the year. If you�d like to know when this is on and how to get discounted tickets, please subscribe here.

Thanks to Marion and Ashley for their help before, during and after the event.

Pippa Wilson (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaz� (guitar)
Daniel Pickard (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

Friday 14 August 2015

Photographs by Marion Blaz�

Lots of updates on the way – It’s been a busy few months.

There has been lots of jobs during June and July, pictures and highlights to follow.

I’ve especially loved introducing my Jazz Notes friends to the Ballroom Dancing Scene.

Huge thanks to my parents for trusting me to take it over while they were recuperating.  I think I’ve left the dance fans with some happy memories – but they’ll be looking forward to having the Swingmasters back with Wendy and John.

Kevin and I have been working hard on promoting Jazz Notes and we’ve got a new venue – every Sunday afternoon commencing 9th August.

The Pippa Wilson in Cabaret event on the 14th August is looking like it might be a sell-out – Hope everyone’s got their tickets.

CD launch with Standing Tall at Dizzy’s – was a great night.

Looking forward to being involved with Jimmy Fong and his show My Time with John Denver – 28/29 Aug and 4/5 September.

And lots, lots more……