Jazz Notes – Every Sunday at Spago

Live Jazz – Every Sunday.

What more could we want. (and it’s pretty local too)

We have great supporters and we appreciate all of you.  Family and friends often recommend us to venues for work and this is what happened to us in March.

We have been engaged to play every Sunday – no end date just yet.

So,  1-4pm every Sunday at Spago – Restaurant/Bar.

It’s a new funky restaurant in Doncaster East serving great meals, good wine/beer and coffee, desert and ice cream.  The staff are very friendly.

Each week we play and even take requests.  Either as a trio or a quartet.

Thanks to Rick, Risa, Frank, Doug, Noel, Tony, Ashley – just some of the talent that has joined me and Kevin at Spago so far this year.

Come and join us.

If you’d like to come along for just a drink – that’s fine too.

Inverloch Jazz Festival – March 2018

This year we applied for the festival with Rick Correnza.

He was a hit of course.  We had two wonderful sets in the best venue – Warrawee.

The atmosphere at this venue is perfect, great lighting, great audience.  The band was great and Rick was the star.

Rick Correnza (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Frank Morgan (bass)
Simon Atkinson (drums)

Thanks to Marion Blazé for taking these photos.

I was so happy to also have Ladies be Good! accepted for the festival.

We played two fantastic sets.

Thanks to all the gals, and Rob and Simon (our super drummers)