Back at Dizzy’s with Rick – September

Rick is such a fine performer.  He draws the audience in with his cool manner and his voice is like velvet.

Great atmosphere and we had a nice audience.  We found that it was to be the last gig for us at Dizzy’s as they were closing the next day.

Apparently a new venue is being prepared and we hope to have some good news in 2019.

We are so lucky to have Marion Blaze taking photos for us.  Thanks Marion!

Frankston Arts Centre with Pippa Wilson – September

We had a fantastic opportunity to arrange a “SUPER” show for Pippa.

Songs from the Cinemas.  We selected some of Pippa’s favorite songs and based this show around these songs.

It was an absolute privilege to play with the Jazz Notes Show Band.

Some excellent feedback from audience and the Frankston Arts Centre.  We are sure we will do more of these events, looking for the right location now.

Lots of pictures and more info on the jazznotes website.

Pippa Wilson (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Dave Newdick (trumpet)
Kevin Blazé (guitar)
Craig Schneider (piano)
Leon Heale (bass)
Dean Cooper (drums)