The Sunshine Coast – Major Event

Pippa Wilson with the Jazz Notes Showband.

So much work had gone into this event. Would we take the whole band?, pick up some local players?. In the end the organizers made that decision for us.

We took Michael Harding (piano) from our Melbourne band, and Rodney Ford and John Conley and Peter Uppman from Brisbane.

The event was a huge success. We played to a full house.

The weekend was fabulous. Staying with family and making some new memories and enjoying every moment of the weekend.

Australian Jazz Museum with Jan Blake

We were invited back to perform for one of the tour groups. This time we asked our friend Jan to play with us.

A fun morning of music with Jan, Ann, Kevin, Frank & Simon.

Thanks for inviting Jazz Notes.

Pippa at Cameron Close

This was a great gig, and a wonderful preparation for our 2019 feature event in the Sunshine Coast.

The Jazz Notes Showband included Pippa, Ann, Kevin, Michael, Leon and Dean.

A fantastic night.

SAE – a Recording

Occasionally we see some opportunities appear on Facebook for live recordings.

One came up that Kevin quickly jumped on and we ended up in a cool studio in South Melbourne.

Our Duo and Jazz Notes band with Rick Correnza performed to a live audience and were recorded.

The videos were fantastic and we were able to use the footage for some promo materials.

A small snippet is available to view on our “listen and watch” tab at

Seniors week at the Australian Jazz Museum

Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes

Seniors week is always well attended at the Australian Jazz Museum.

A really fun afternoon and good preparation for our upcoming gig on Queensland.