Jazz Notes – finally a CD!

It’s been years of playing and people asking us “do you have a CD?”, and us responding “oh, actually no!”, we record everything but it’s never quite acceptable to release those recordings. So during 2019 Kevin and I put our heads together and really decided what we wanted to record as a Duo. January seemed the perfect time to get these tracks recorded. Quite a few of them were “one-take-wonders”, some needed some work, but in the end we came away from our recording sessions with 18 Duo tracks. We invited our funky/latin-fusion band Caught in the Act to our last recording session and recorded one of our favorite tunes “Building Bridges” So on our cd is a bonus track from Caught in the Act!.

The experience was fabulous. We had a great audio technician recording the tracks and we sent them to Niko at Pughouse Studios to mix and master them – I knew him from a previous recording I had done with Standing Tall.

We had hoped to have the CD by Port Fairy, but came across a few small problems but NOW it’s all done – the CD is now ready for sale.

For your own copy – see the jazznotes website