Australian Jazz Convention – Albury Dec 2019

A new location for the Jazz Convention and a place I know quite well.

It was lovely to head to Albury for this Convention. The weather was extremely hot. I don’t think we had a day under 35degrees.

It was the first year we had attended a Convention without a singer.

All the bands we had registered were Instrumental only. It was great to work up some new repertoire and Round Midnight was definitely a highlight as I was able to play my Alto flute for the entire set. I also got to play my piccolo in Caught in the Act – Piccolo Boogie has been a favorite of mine for many years, I finally got to perform it.

All bands were well rehearsed and the audiences who listened really enjoyed the different styles of “jazz”

Ann Craig Duo
Round Midnight
Caught in the Act
The House Cats

Also, Ashley and Justin’s band Juxtaposed performed at the convention – they were fabulous.

A great weekend of music, a fun house to share with friends and many wonderful musical memories.