Castlemaine JaZZ Festival 7-8 June 2014

I was very happy to be able to attend this Jazz Festival.  It was the first jazz festival for Castlemaine, first time I had been ttrad jazz crowdhere too.

Lots of work was put in by the organizers and there were so many great bands, different styles of jazz, and it all came together brilliantly, a wonderful weekend was had by all.


Friday night at the Comma – there was an organized Jam.  Great fun, met some really nice people who I saw many times over the weekend.

Saturday started with me playing with my “traditiojam at the commanal jazz” friends from the band – Hanshaw Sandwich, we played in the Cumberland, I think they expected a small audience but in the end opened the room up as there wasn’t even standing room.  It was great fun.  I got to watch a few bands until my next spot with the BlueTone Jazz Band at the New Northern – that was great fun too.  bluetone at castlemaine



Headed back to the Cumberland for a unplanned set with Kevin as one of the Two Bees.  I called myself a Wanna-Bee, Smiley-Face, it was WANNABE1a really lovely set, had a few extras join us, had the audience in a trance at one point – that means it must have been good! WANNABE2




Then we raced over to the Public Inn to play as Jazz Notes with the lovely Luella McCoJAZZ NOTES PUBLIC3rmack singing so beautifully.





Another dash back to the Cumberland for the last set of the night with Jazz Notes, this time a quieter set – and the audience just loved it.

Sunday started off busy for me – Played with Standing Tall at the STANDINGTALL1Comma – that was fun, then back to the Cumberland for the Hanshaw Sandwich, watched some great bands in the afternoon before finding my way to the Bridge for the final set with Jazz Notes – lovely.


Then the manic rush to get back into town to be a Wanna-bee (or Two Bee).  That was a relaxing and most enjoyable set.WANNABE RUNRABBIT


WANNABE RUNRABBIT2Had a chance to catch my friends “The Opportunists” before I made my way, through the night to the outskirts of town, where I would play my last two sets at LOT 19 with Standing Tall and the Blue Tone Jazz Band – I really deserved a drink after that!

It was a wonderful musical & JaZzy weekend, loved every bit of it and am looking forward to the next Castlemaine Jazz Festival in 2015.

It was also so nice to meet so many friendly locals and new musical friends along the way.

Thanks to Marion for taking all these terrific photos 🙂