Should my child be sitting for exams?  When are the exams?  How much to they cost?  Do I need a piano accompanist?  Where do we get the information?

These are all questions I am asked by parents. 

The AMEB (Australian Music Examination Board) offers examinations for all of the instruments that I teach in my private and school based music lessons.  The examinations are not compulsory but I strongly recommend, for some students, that they take the opportunity and sit for the exam.  The experience is worthwhile.  At the end of the process a certificate is awarded and a detailed report is supplied.  This is a beneficial tool when applying for secondary schools, it also is an external assessment and confirmation of the students ability.

I will advise parents if I believe a student is ready to sit for an examination.  There are 5-6 sessions for exams each year, with the costs starting at $80.  For woodwind/brass students there is a requirement for a piano accompanist, this is an additional cost, paid directly to the accompanist.  Information will be forwarded well before the closing dates for the examination sessions.

If you would like to ask me any questions or find out when the exam dates for the year are, please email:  info@musicann.com.au