Inverloch Jazz Festival – 2015 ( 6-9 March )

Not much time passes between the Jazz Festivals in the early part of the year and that’s a good thing!

I was really excited to head to Inverloch this year – not just because I really enjoy the atmosphere of this festival but, it was to be a chance to relax and listen to some great bands.

Of course I was playing with my friends – Jan Blake & Body and Soul and as Jazz Notes we were introducing Wade Morgan in his first official appearance with Jazz Notes.

I also had the opportunity to play with Andrew Eames’s band (The company we keep) – Can’t say no to a friend and enjoyed playing some great arrangements with Juliane Pasternak on vocals, Dave Rowlands on piano, Rob Mercer on drums and Andrew Eames on bass.  A not too unfamiliar group, but lovely company.

I really loved every set I played in at this festival.

Jazz Notes was invited to play an extra spot late on the Sunday Night (Jazz Notes Augmented) – we had arranged for some additional players to join us (unfortunately they let us down – but that didn’t stop us) we put the call out as we were setting up and Chuck Probert, Ashley Thomas & Shaanine Dove jumped in (they needed hardly any persuading to join us on the stage),  for what was clearly one of the best sets of the weekend (that’s what people told us).  We had Pippa Wilson, Wade Morgan & Nicole Thorne – all on stage with us, some even singing backing vocals.  A huge rendition of Mustang Sally by Wade (he had the audience firmly in his trance) – so much fun, so much dancing, and just a wonderful experience.

Monday saw Body & Soul play early at the Picnic in the Park – Jan singing Blue Skies – did the trick – they certainly cleared for a great day of celebration.  Jazz Notes was joined by Chris LeBon for a fantastic set.  I had a great time.

Thanks everyone who made the weekend so wonderful.