Inverloch Jazz Festival – 7 March – 10 March, 2014

JAZZ, FUN, JAZZ, FUN, JAZZ, and lots more….

inverloch ann9

A lovely weekend of great music!

Friday Night – Playing in the relaxed atmosphere at Warrawee with Jazz Notes was the beginning of a great weekend of music.inverloch ann10

inverloch ann7



inverloch ann8


Saturday – Playing with Body & Soul during the day at Warrawee, and Jazz Noteinverloch ann4s in the Marquee in the evening, it was fantastic.  I got to play some “Trad” music in the Pizza shop with inverloch ann19some lovely fellas. (Thanks for the invite Geoff)

Sunday – A terrific set with Body and Soul in Warrawee and the day where I got to see and hear some excellent musicians.inverloch ann13

Monday – Picnic in the Park, playing with Body and Soul, a relaxed and fun afternoon.

inverloch ann16Many thanks to Jan Blake who invited me to play with Body and Soul 8 years ago, and Kevin Blazé, who invited me to play with Jazz Notes 3 years ago.   I think I was very lucky to have been in the right place at the right time.