Jazz Notes @ the AJM (Australian Jazz Museum)

I have been involved with the AJM for a few years now, first when Ashley completed the U25 Jazz Improv workshop and then when I did the over 25’s workshop.� I met some really lovely people at the AJM (it was prevbiously known then as the Jazz Archive).� Met, Marina Pollard, John Thrum, Terry Norman and others – have become great friends and enjoyed some fun gigs playing with the BlueTone Jazz Band and the Hanshaw Sandwich Jazz Band – also have had much support from John Thrum.� He works very hard at the AJM and alwaysAJM2 AHM1 AJM3 AJM4 supports Jazz Notes and my performances with other Bands – Thanks John!

Jazz Notes at the Australian Jazz Museum

In June, Ann and Kevin ran some workshops in the use of technology for gigging musicians. These were conducted

at the Australian Jazz Museum.

Subsequently, Ann and Kevin were asked to play for one of their open days.

But it grew: on Wednesday, 26 August 2015, the FULL�band played at the Museum.

Wade Morgan (vocals)
Ann Craig (flute)
Kevin Blaz� (guitar)
Frank Morgan (bass)
Rob Mercer (drums)

Thanks to Ashley Thomas for photos