June in Castlemaine 2015 – what a load of……FUN! :-)

Jazz Festivals 😁  – They really are so much fun.

It’s hard being a flautist – but someone has to do it.   – Should there be more of them?

I love the freedom and the chance to express myself in so many different jazz styles.

At the Grampians Jazz Festival earlier this year I played in many different bands – I actually played in 9 bands at that festival and even though some people made some humorous comments, (they thought they were being funny!) that I may have been doing too much, well guess what! – I survived, and had the best time I’ve had at any jazz festival….. that was until..

(5th – 8th June) The Queen’s Birthday Weekend and the Castlemaine Jazz Festival!

This time I was only permitted to play in 3 bands – some rule made by the committee.  I always follow the rules, so unfortunately there were some programming clashes and I was programmed against some of my friends, the Hanshaw Sandwiches & BlueTone Jazz Band (They had asked me to play with them – obviously I couldn’t)

It was a little disappointing but I made the most of the spots I was allocated.  Didn’t complain, not worth it!

After I checked the program I realized that lots of other people were in more than 3 bands – some obviously not following the rules, but I won’t complain – it’s not in my makeup.

Still – I had a fantastic weekend….. memories I will always have!


Started with a fine set as the Ann Craig Trio in Run Rabbit Run, we were given an extra 30 minutes prior to our set so invited Ange Strikland to join us for some sexy vocals – Thanks Kevin for organizing this.  Daniel playing Double Bass added another touch of class to this set.  We were event mentioned in the Bendigo Advertiser

ann craig trio2  castlemaine train 1ancraig trio

Next playing opportunity was on the Jazz Train (steam train from Castlemaine to Maldon – lots of bouncy fun here!)

Then a quick dash to the Bridge for the first Jazz Notes – with Sevil Sabah set.

We met the beautiful Sevil last year and she has sung with Jazz Notes many times in 2014.  It was a fantastic set, Sevil is such a beautiful singer.

Also played on Saturday Night at Lot 19 – this was the perfect setting for the Ann Craig Trio – a huge thanks to Kevin and Daniel for making this group sound PERRRRRFECT.

I am very lucky to have these really talented musicians join me.  Kevin Blazé on guitar – he plays with such feeling, setting the mood for every song, we have such a musical connection. Daniel Pickard – this young man is so very talented, he’ll be joining me playing both his Electric and Double Bass (probably not at the same time!).

I love the connection I have with my musician friends – thanks.

We played again as Jazz Notes with Sevil Sabah on Sunday at the Five Flags – a very, very appreciate crowd.  Absolutely fantastic.

I also played with Standing Tall.  I’ve loved playing with Standing Tall this last year, we had a blast on the weekend. The music is very different from my other bands, I’ve just recorded a second cd with Standing tall – and it’s really very tasty.

And…  I even snuck in a spot with The BlueTone Jazz Band.  They were playing at Lot19 just before Standing Tall – Couldn’t help myself – it was loads of fun.
I can honestly say I had the best weekend!!!.  Even though I didn’t get to play in 9 bands – it didn’t matter, I loved everything. I got the chance to dance to, play, listen and feel such wonderful music for this weekend and had the company of my friends too.  Thanks to the organizers of the festival – it was one to remember!