Light the Night Fundraiser with Jazz Notes @ Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, Friday 22nd August

????????Friday 22nd August – Jazz Notes were invited to play for this event organized by Alexa Blaz�.� The Treble Clef Jazz Lounge supported the event.� It was also the official Debut for Sevil Sabah with the band.

The evening was well attended, lots of happy people enjoying the night and supporting� the band.� There were some opportunities for others to sing with the band also.� It was very nice to hear Alexa and Luke, Jan and Pippa.

Many donations were received� and Alexa recently announced that the total raised on the evening was just over $1000.00.

A fabulous effort and there is more to come.

The main event is on September 18.� For more information;� or phone 1800500088.

Alexa has a team organized to support the Light the Night Walk supporting the Lukaemia foundation.� The walk is being held on September 18. � There is still time to register for the walk – Alexa’s team is called “For the Best”.

I’d especially like to thank my friends who donated so generously to the evening.� It was also great to have the support of the Treble Clef Jazz Lounge, they offered the venue at no charge for the evening.� Thank you!