Melbourne Music Performers – our new Venue – Ember Lounge.


ember april

We’d played for more than 16 months at Francesca’s and we’d had a great time, but unfortunately it was time to move on.  We worked hard to lock in a few more dates for 2015 but that was becoming more difficult with Francesca’s and their booked functions.

Kevin and I had already started a search for a new venue and we were thrilled to find Ember Lounge (just 600m down the road from Francesca’s).  We approached the owners, they were impressed with our format and now we had a new home for the March Soiree.

With a little advertising, and some well placed signage we pulled a great crowd, there were some new open mic performers. Lots of activity on facebook (heaps of pictures too).

Everyone supported the new venue and we are pleased to announce the next event on the 24th April will also be held at the Ember Lounge.

Check out the facebook page Melbourne Music Performers Meet-up or sign up to MMP via Meet-up.