Melbourne Music Performers – The Ember Lounge 22 May 2015

Our regular monthly event with MMP (Melbourne Music Performers) Soiree Musique

It’s always a great night, we get the chance to meet lots of new members and the open mic performers are always something to listen to.

Sometimes we forget why this event is so important and why we are different!

We really try to give our members the opportunity to perform with a real band – we are not like other open mic events in that sense.  It’s all about the performance – getting it right, making our performers feel comfortable and helping them achieve their goals.

Yes, we do have some open mic spots but we are motivated to have our performers play with the house band. We get their charts before hand, offer them to the band and give our performers the best chance.

On any night of the week there are open mic events from inner city to the outer suburbs – if you just want to sing a song with your guitar or piano you should try one of those events, we’re all about the full performance experience.

That’s why we’re different.

Our next event is happening on 26 June.  Come and see how much fun we have!