MTWJD – My Time with John Denver – 2015

Late last year I was approached by Jimmy Fong (singer, songwriter, guitarist – John Denver Fan!).  He had heard me playing at Kelly’s and made contact with me.  He asked if I might like to audition for an upcoming show.  I thought about it for a few minutes and said YES – but unfortunately I couldn’t get to the audition – Lucky me, I got the part anyway!. (no other flute players auditioned?, maybe not! – they could have been in Castlemaine or Halls Gap?)

jimmy mtwjd2I was to welcomed to the band, had a few practices and waited for the shows to be announced.  Finally with lots of work from Jimmy and his lovely wife Julie – we had 4 shows announced 28-29 August and 4-5 September.  The last show being a corporate function.

The shows went off so well – audiences packed the Father in the Chapel venue in Cranbourne and the first two shows (2-3 off sell-outs).  The Show on the 4th was SOLD OUT.

I had so much fun playing the music of John Denver.  Jimmy Fong is a fine performer and the members of the band were fantastic.

jimmy mtwjdI don’t usually get to costume up for my gigs – but thoroughly enjoyed being a free spirited Gypsy for the shows.  Actually it might be pretty close to my personality.

Jimmy is off to Aspen to play in the John Denver Tribute Festival

jimmy aspen