Now that was something different…

Saturday 13th June – Australian Jazz Museum.

Workshop – 1.

Playing music from your iPad or Android tablet

We use our iPads or Android tablets to read, play and modify charts, music and so many other things, the main reason is that’s it’s just so  much easier and it saves handling many pages of paper.  Often people ask us how or why we do it.

I’ve been to a few of Kevin’s other training sessions and he is so good at explaining how things work – we decided to put our skills together and run a workshop on the iRealPro app for iPad and Android users.

Our first session was very well attended with some great feedback from those who came.

More sessions planned and we have Workshop – 2  planned for this coming Saturday (20th June) on using iGig book and forScore.

Further details of other workshops and booking details are available from:-

Learning Spark


If you’d like some specific training on Mac or PC or other related activities, make your enquiry through the Learning Spark website.