2019 – it really was a fabulous year :-)

Music, Music,Music

It was a busy start to 2019. Port Fairy and Inverloch Jazz Festivals – some great music played with wonderful bands.

Jazz Notes continued to get some great gigs. We are working regularly with our Jazz Gigs and we have secured many private duo gigs. We’ve started recording some tunes with Rick and we are always on the look out for some new locations. Let us me know if you know someone who would like a House Party, a venue that is looking for Jazz or you are planning a private party and want the right music for your event.

We had some special events during the 2019. Major events and lots of smaller events.

Pippa Wilson with Jazz Notes – May
Rick Correnza with Jazz Notes – July
Ballarat Jazz Club – August
Jazz Notes Duo at Realm – September
Pippa Wilson and Jazz Notes Showband – SCJC – October
Pippa Wilson and Jazz Notes – November
Australian Jazz Convention – December

Australian Jazz Convention – Albury Dec 2019

A new location for the Jazz Convention and a place I know quite well.

It was lovely to head to Albury for this Convention. The weather was extremely hot. I don’t think we had a day under 35degrees.

It was the first year we had attended a Convention without a singer.

All the bands we had registered were Instrumental only. It was great to work up some new repertoire and Round Midnight was definitely a highlight as I was able to play my Alto flute for the entire set. I also got to play my piccolo in Caught in the Act – Piccolo Boogie has been a favorite of mine for many years, I finally got to perform it.

All bands were well rehearsed and the audiences who listened really enjoyed the different styles of “jazz”

Ann Craig Duo
Round Midnight
Caught in the Act
The House Cats

Also, Ashley and Justin’s band Juxtaposed performed at the convention – they were fabulous.

A great weekend of music, a fun house to share with friends and many wonderful musical memories.

Christmas at Box Hill – Felix Masonic Lodge

During one of our events at the Ringwood RSL we met some new fans, people who had never seen our band before and it was a night that featured the fabulous talent of Rick Correnza.

Word of mouth and a fantastic recommendation from one of our new fans saw some communication to Kevin and we were invited to entertain the members and guests of the Felix Masonic Group at the Box Hill Golf Club – Their Christmas function.

Instrumental music while the diners were enjoying a fantastic festive meal and then Rick joined us for some even more excellent music.

We had a great night and were very happy to be invited to perform.

Rick, Ann, Kevin and Doug.

Christmas in Balwyn

I love anything Christmas-sy and when we get to play a gig it’s even better.

For the last 4 years we have had a annual residency at the Village Cafe in Balwyn.

Playing Christmas tunes in a “Jazzy” style to the shoppers and patrons of the Cafe.

We invited a few of the street musicians to join us. It was great that I ended up being surrounded by so many “wise men”!

Ann, Kevin & Doug have done this gig together each time and we were thrilled to be invited back.

We confirmed our 2020 gig – hope to see you there

It was a very, very merry day!

Ringwood RSL – And All That’s Jazz

Another wonderful night of music with Pippa Wilson and the Jazz Notes Showband.


We had a blast with Pippa and the audience loved every moment of the show.

Rick Correnza was in the audience and he got to sing a duet with Pippa. It was fabulous.

Thanks to our helpers, Ashley and Marion for all the wonderful photos and videos.

We will be running two events at the RSL in 2020 so keep an eye on Jazz Notes website or the facebook page for all the updates.

The Sunshine Coast – Major Event

Pippa Wilson with the Jazz Notes Showband.

So much work had gone into this event. Would we take the whole band?, pick up some local players?. In the end the organizers made that decision for us.

We took Michael Harding (piano) from our Melbourne band, and Rodney Ford and John Conley and Peter Uppman from Brisbane.

The event was a huge success. We played to a full house.

The weekend was fabulous. Staying with family and making some new memories and enjoying every moment of the weekend.

SAE – a Recording

Occasionally we see some opportunities appear on Facebook for live recordings.

One came up that Kevin quickly jumped on and we ended up in a cool studio in South Melbourne.

Our Duo and Jazz Notes band with Rick Correnza performed to a live audience and were recorded.

The videos were fantastic and we were able to use the footage for some promo materials.

A small snippet is available to view on our “listen and watch” tab at jazznotes.net.au