Soirée Musique @ Kojo Brown – Friday 4th October

After some initial concerns; when we had lost our

previous venue, and the� organizer stepping down, we� put our hands up, heads IMG_2318together and came up a short list of possible venues, made contact and� were very pleased to announce to the meet-up group that we had a new home for October plus new organizers (Kevin and Me)

Tony from Kojo Brown (Richmond)� was only too happy to host the event this month.� We were all pleased it was a success.

We introduced new singers to the group and the open mic section unearthed some amazing new talent.

Of course the house band was in good form. (Tony, Paul, Stan, Kevin, Alan & Me)

Tony was happy with the format of the night and we will be running the Soir�e again next month at Kojo Brown – see everyone on the 1st Friday in November.

You can check the Melbourne Music Performers Website

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