Soiree – some sad news but then……

We were really disappointed that the venue we had run the soiree at for the last almost 4 years decided to pull the plug.  We had such a great connection with the two previous owners and they supported the soiree because the actually understood what we were doing was worthwhile and it gave so much joy to many people who attended.  Unfortunately with new owners, some people just don’t get the value of live music.  So we had to hunt for a new venue to cover our November and December events.

We couldn’t find anything for November, but after some negotiations the wonderful management at the Ringwood RSL offered us a home for December.  We ran the event differently – it was a Sunday afternoon and the audience reached over 80 during the afternoon.  Thanks everyone for supporting the Melbourne Music Performers, the RSL and our events.

We hope to announce something for 2019 very soon.

Thanks Marion for taking all the photos.