Standing Tall in September.

I’m enjoying the opportunity to play with Standing Tall.  They play some really different music.

Open Studio in  Northcote on the 21st was a really great afternoon.  Quite a large audience for this cute little venue.  We had our new Trumpeter with us, very nice playing.

Dizzy’s on the 23rd, just a little quieter this month.  Didn’t have Tim on Guitar, Brae on Trumpet or Dean on Percussion, but we all Funked it up just the same.  Laurie, Suzanne and me certainly made up for those band members who were travelling OS.  A really fun night.

Standing Tall will be back at Open Studio on the 19th October and the 28th October at Dizzy’s.  We’ll be previewing our repertoire for the Wangaratta Jazz Festival which is on the following weekend.

A big thank you to my friends who come to listen and support me xx