The Grampians Jazz Festival – 2015 (13 – 15 Feb)

After a really busy build up, lots of rehearsals the weekend had finally arrived.

My first of 18 sets was with my friends from Hanshaw Sandwich.

I love Halls Gap – the temperature is HOT, HOT, HOT.� There had been a slight storm just as I arrived which turned the huge marquee that we were playing in, into a sauna – it was quite warm, but a fun set to start the festival for me.

On Friday I played with� Hanshaw Sandwich, Body & Soul, Easy Street, Amberjack, but the highlight for me was playing as a Duo (The Ann Craig Duo) with Kevin on guitar – I really couldn’t believe the reaction from so many people – he’s such a great guitarist and we work really well together – such a pleasure!

On Saturday – it was pretty crazy;� I played with, The Bluetone Jazz Band, Jazz Notes with Pippa Wilson, LADIES BE GOOD , The Ann Craig Duo, Hanshaw Sandwich, Amberjack, Easy Street, Standing Tall and Body and Soul.� Highlight for me was getting the chance to have my beautiful daughter Ashley,� join me and play with LADIES BE GOOD – I’d talked to my friend Jan about doing something just a little different (an all girl band – so with the help of Jan we got some really terrific players together, Suzanne, Jess, Chelsea, Ashley, Jan and Me – we were all the easiest shaping lessons for athletes Ladies (and pretty good too!) – we had two sets in the Pinnacle, playing to a full house each time and later another wonderfully moody set with Kevin in The Ann Craig Duo.� Wow! it was a great day.

Sunday was just a little quieter, but absolutely fantastic…� Got to play with The Bluetone Jazz Band, Jazz Notes with Pippa Wilson, and Standing Tall.� And at the end of the festival Pippa invited both Kevin and me to� come and play with her band in the Indian Restaurant (Punjab) later that evening.� So that was another highlight for me – We got to play with Ron Anderson, Nicole Thorne, Alan Richards and Pippa – a really great way to end a wonderful weekend of Jazz.

Although I was really busy playing most of the weekend I had the chance to listen to some amazing performances, met some fantastic people, received some awesome feedback, shared time with my daughter and her friends and enjoyed the company of my musical friends, what a great weekend!.

The 2016 Grampians Jazz Festival is looking like it might be a whole lot of fun – looking forward to registering again.