Grampians Jazz Festival – Halls Gap 7-10 February, 2014

This year was only the second time I had been to this Festival, and I had a great time.

I am so happy to have played with Jan Blake’s Body & Soul, Easy Street, The Bluetone Jazz Band and Handshaw Sandwich.


Saw some fantastic bands, watched the Sunday March, and enjoyed making new friends during the weekend.

Although the weekend was really hot and very windy and there was a massive power outage on the Saturday night, which caused all the events to be cancelled, (and it wasn’t even my fault), we musicians improvised, played acoustically where possible until the organizers pulled the plug due to safety issues.  There were little groups playing in the park, other little groups drinking after dark, and some of us just enjoying watching the fun.

Congratulations to everyone who attended and made the festival for 2014 so great.

 ann1688233_757943900901055_824341687_n IMG_3209